Imam Ul Haq Controversy – Chat With Girls Screen Shots


A girl named Aman posted some screenshots of chat with Imam Ul Haq (Pakistan’s cricket team batsman) on twitter. 

She tweeted this

So apparently Mr. @ImamUlHaq12 was dating 7 to 8 (that we know of) women and kept using them and manipulating them. He kept telling them the whole time how he’s single. Some of the screenshots attached from girl 1:— Aman (@LalaLoyalist) July 24, 2019

She also posted some screenshots for proofs.

In some of the chats, Imam-ul-Haq could be seen mentioning the girls as #Babyand giving her information about his whereabouts. In other chats, the cricketer is fighting with the girl in an #Attempt to break up with her and the Twitter user claims that he #Manipulated and used them.

Yes we don’t know these are fake or real. As whether these screenshots are real or fake Imam ul haq or PCB is yet to comment on this matter. This controversy is trending on all three big social media facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This might be the end of Imam’s career. You know that Ukhano and Mohsin controversy already destroyed their careers, they have lost their many fans. We can say “Screen Shot ka zamana hai”.

Since the start of Imam’s cricketing career, people called him Parchi and they want him to get out of the team. If Imam’s does not prove that he is innocent PCB might ban him from cricket.

Many took social media and supported Imam Ul Haq saying this is NOT harassment as the girls were equally involved in the conversion which involves mutual consent.

Many more screenshots have been posted on Twitter but we can’t post them here because they are vulgar and it is against our policy.

In the end, I will say Imam should come with proofs as soon as possible if these screenshots are fake and show us that he is innocent. We should not support girls every time because no one forces them to talk. Now let’s see what happens next.


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