How to tell about bad grades to your parents?


Today I am going to tell you easy ways to tell your parents about your bad result. First of all don’t take any type of tension, stay relax and keep loving and believing yourself. Grades are nothing but your health is very precious for your parents. We all know this famous quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” similarly if someone is judging you by your grades then not you but the person who is judging you is wrong. Many people think that students who get bad grades are not good because they don’t study and don’t want to make their future, they don’t have any worries about their upcoming life. Indeed education is important but not grades. Keep loving yourself keep enjoying life. Keep smiling.

When I was in school I always get A+ grade but when I reached college my grades get down to B and I was just like “How it is possible?” “I am a very bad guy” “Now nobody will love me” blah blah but you know what happened when I told my parents about my bad grade? Nothing, yes nothing they just told me to study more and keep myself prepared before the next exam. You know what you can’t imagine? how much your parents love you, all they want is a better life for you. There are many people who have big degrees but don’t have a job and also there are people who don’t have any degree but still earning a lot of money. It’s not about good marks it’s about your passion/interest in a specific field and also some luck. Do you know Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerburg? Virat Kohli? all of them left school but now almost person in the world knows them. I am not saying leave your school/college I am just trying to clear that don’t lose hope keep trying. Trying is a key to success. Bad grades can’t define you and your talent.

Now let’s move forward to the best ways to tell your parents about your bad grades.

Search For Best Time :

Search for a good time. When they are laughing or they are completely free from their work. This will be the best time for telling them all the things. Secondly, check their mood are they happy or sad. Keep in mind they love you.

Be Respectful :

Don’t approach the situation in a rude manner. Tell them in a good well-mannered way with a soft voice. Keep your voice calm. Your new personality should be better than your old personality.

Take Help From Your Siblings :

Ask your little/elder brother/sister to help you with telling your parents this news. Ask them to go with you and tell your parents that “Low grades are not the end of the world. Low marks grades can’t define me. At least I passed the exams, there are some of my friends who even not able to clear their exams”. I hope they will help you.


Prayers are your friends. Go for Namaz and ask Allah for help. Tell Him the things which are on your mind. Keep praying until you get peace.

Take Responsibility

Don’t make useless excuses like the education system is poor, My paper was checked wrongly or something similar. Put the bad grades on yourself. But keep in mind don’t lose hope. Own your mistake and move forward. Be Strong !

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You can follow the above things. Be careful don’t need to panic, keep your anger controlled. Keep thinking you can achieve more, you can do better than your past. Keep motivating yourself. Keep smiling. This is a life and hurdle come to everyone’s life all we need is to manage them rightly with a great plan.

That’s all. I hope you like this article if you did, share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment your thoughts.


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