How to install Yoast SEO Plugin On WordPress?


Yoast SEO plugin is the most famous plugin for WordPress sites. It has lots of features, it is available in two versions, one is free and the second one is paid. Today we are going to give you a complete guide on how you can install and setup yoast SEO Premium plugin on your wordpress site without getting any error. You can follow the below steps which are very easy. So lets get started.

First of all you need to purchase Yoast Premium SEO Plugin from here. It cost you around 89$. But wait you can also use Yoast Free SEO plugin. You can download free plugin from here.First log in to your WordPress panel and go to plugins and click on “Add New”. Then choose Yoast SEO zip file and upload it.

After the successful installation of Yoast SEO plugin. Click on Activate Plugin. Now the most important thing you need to do is to set up Yoast SEO with your site information. Keep reading…

In your wordpress sidebar you will see a new menu named as SEO with Yoast icon. Move your cursor to it and select General or simply click SEO.

Then click on the configuration wizard.

Now you will see a configuration page. You need to write valid information there.The first question you will see is Please specify if your site is under construction or already active. Select the first option for this question. Click on next.

The second question you will get is What does the site represent? If your site is about the blogging then select A blog or if it is an e-commerce store then select “An Online Shop”. Just select your site type and click on next. I am selecting “A blog”‘ because my site is about articles/news/stories etc.

The third question will be Does your site represent a person or an organization? If your site is run by a group of members then select “Organization” else select “Person”. I run this website myself so I am selecting “Person”. After that select a person from the drop-down menu. Click on next.

The fourth part of this setting will be Please specify what content types you would like to appear in search engines. Select yes for only Posts and Pages. See the below image.

The fifth question will be Does, or will, your site have multiple authors? . Choose yes or not it depends on you. After selecting click on next. I am selecting No because I run this website by myself.

For Title, settings write your site title and select separator. I will recommend you to don’t change anything and just click on next.

Horray! You are done! You have successfully configured the Yoast SEO plugin for your site. Now you will see a new option during writing posts. On the right side, you will have a YOAST icon. Click on it and write the best keywords for the best google rankings for each post. In the bottom, you will also see some options for Yoast SEO. Just read it and write details of your post. Yoast is a great plugin for getting a good google ranking. Search for the best keywords and use them with your post.

You can also manage some more SEO settings with Yoast SEO plugin. Click on SEO from the left sidebar of your WordPress panel and set things by yourself but these settings are not necessary.

Tell us your reviews in the comment section,we love your to read your comments. Stay with OPNMAX for more contents. We will come back soon with new article till then take care. Good Bye !


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