Become a good person – Develop Great Personality.


Well everybody wants to become a person that someone like the most. You can create a good personality by following these things. These may not be easy for you but to get something you have to first lose something. Let’s look towards which can make you a good person.


First of all, you have to always think positive. Never think negative for anybody. This will help you to boost your confidence and give you immense pleasure. Your thinking can also affect your body if you think good your health will remain good. Positive thinking can give you success in many fields of life. Be a positive thinker.


You are getting something good? like you are getting profit in many dollars but for this, you are doing something wrong with others. You always think good about you and bad for others, this is called selfish. So please get out of it and do something which gives happiness to your surroundings people. When you do this you will see a great change in your life. Remember a good person is always remembered by the people even after death. You will also get a reward for being good in the life of the hereafter.


Are you cheating with someone like cheating with your love, your friends or maybe cheating with your parents? Cheating in certain things like if you are in a relationship you are cheating with your partner. You are smoking/taking drugs and your parents do not know about this. If yes then stop it right now. This may give you temporary happiness but it can destroy your character. People with bad character are consider the worst people.


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Quit smoking, quit alcohol, quit everything which is dangerous for your health. Do you know yearly thousands of people lose their lives just because of smoking/drugs/alcohol. Tell your problems to your friends or parents for sure they will help you. If they don’t pray to your GOD. He will definitely help you.


Leave dangerous oily foods like french fries, tikka, samosa, biryani, etc. Go for good foods especially eat fruits,desi foods daal chawal, vegetables and drink lots of water. Oily foods are not good for your health. Eat healthy foods. I am not forcing you to stop these types of foods completely,eat them but 2-3 times a month not more than that, please.


Make yourself busy, this will help you to get out of most problems. Join Gym do exercises, do some writings, read books, play with your pets, go for outings. cook foods. Try to learn different new things on a daily basis via youtube or google. With this, you can make the most of your time.


You will look handsome/beautiful if you take care of your cloth. Try to wear good cloth. Bath daily. Wash your hair twice in a week. Wash your teeth regularly. Take tissue or handkerchief with yourself if you are going out.


If possible do exercise regularly in the morning if you don’t know the exercise you can search them on youtube. Exercises are very good for your whole body including your brain. Join the gym and take care of your body as much as you can. Regularly exercises can help you to become strong not just by hand but also by the brain.


This is the most important point, stay away from adult contents. Even if your age is more than 18 say no to these materials. Stop watching movies that contain any type of vulgarity. Watch movies or drama that does not contain bad scenes. Watch Pakistani dramas and animated movies they are the best. These 2-3 min scenes can destroy your life completely,they will add bad thinking in your mind so better is to say no to them. One more thing also stay away from those books and magazines that contain bad pictures or nudity. These books and magazines are destroying the character of many people.


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